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May 6, 2020

May 4 through May 8 is Teacher Appreciation Week and today is Teacher Appreciation Day. Teacher Appreciation Day used to be observed in March, however in 1985, the National Education Association established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first week in May. The NEA then voted to make Tuesday of that week National Teacher Day.

Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic keep you from showing appreciation to your child’s teachers. Just because Nassau County Schools have been cancelled for the remainder of the school year doesn’t mean teachers aren’t working. In fact, they are working harder than ever, finding new ways to teach our children remotely. Online videos, lesson plans, weekly video chats, and video editing are just a few tasks they’ve had to undertake in a short period of time.

Here’s a few ideas on how you can show your appreciation this week:

Send an e-card
Send a video from your child
Send an e-gift certificate
Have your child call and just say thank you for everything they’ve taught them this year

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