May 5, 2020

Nassau County Elected Officials to Conduct “Recovery Information Fair” Wednesday, Friday

Nassau County elected officials and numerous government offices will hold a “Recovery Information Fair” twice this week to provide information and limited services at two locations in the county; the first on Wednesday at the open-air exhibition space at the fairgrounds in Callahan, and the second on Friday at Yulee Middle School. Both events will be open for residents of Nassau County to get answers from local officials as the State of Florida begins Phase I of the recovery process. The Recovery Information Fairs will operate between 9 am and 12 noon both Wednesday and Friday.
Several offices will be prepared to provide limited services that have been otherwise unavailable to residents without access to on-line services during the pandemic.
In addition, representatives from the Nassau County Emergency Management office will again hand out a limited number of cloth masks to residents who otherwise don’t have a mask to wear in public.

Here is the list of the constitutional and county offices that will be available at both locations this week:

• Nassau County Clerk of the Courts
• Nassau County School District
• Nassau County Property Appraiser
Assisting with late-filing exemptions for:
First Responders
Deployed Military
Religious or Charitable Organizations
• Nassau County Supervisor of Elections
Assisting with:
Requests for vote-by-mail ballots
Updating voter registration
Updating voter signatures
• Florida Department of Health-Nassau County
• Nassau County Sheriff’s Office including Sheriff Bill Leeper
• Nassau County Emergency Management
• Nassau County Board of County Commissioners and departments
• Amelia Island Tourist Development Council
• The Town of Callahan
• The Town of Hilliard

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Perry Anthony
Perry Anthony (@guest_57551)
2 years ago

I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life, we still haven’t fully gotten over this pandemic, and the local government, county, and the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council are having a “Recovery Information Fair”. “ALERT”, we are having a fair to gather people together to provide information, are they really serious?? I’ve lived in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island for over 13-years and have been thru 3 hurricanes here, and at no time what-so-ever, have I felt “ENDANGERED” until now. Our own Director of the Nassau County Health Department never had any answers or advice for us about Covid-19 or when our peak might arrive. I don’t know about you, but I have a major issue with that, as that is their “JOB”, that’s what they get “PAID” for!!! I am moving back to South Florida, not that I really want to, but at least I felt “SAFE” there in times like this for 40-years!!! This is “RIDICULOUS”…

Dave Lott
Dave Lott (@guest_57554)
2 years ago
Reply to  Perry Anthony

Perry, I think your expectations for any Health Department official to tell you when the “peak might arrive” for any community were unrealistic. Do you think they have a crystal ball to tell the future? Can you tell me if the stock market tomorrow is going to be up or down so I can “feel safe” with my investment decisions? Of course not. With testing so limited and the spread of COVID so tied to individuals following the CDC guidelines, it would be impossible to predict. Data is based on actual results and while future predictions can be made, the validity of those predictions is based on a set of assumptions such as the present conditions remain the same as in the future. Let’s see, as of yesterday Nassau County FL has ZERO deaths attributed to COVID. South Florida has the highest concentration of COVID cases in the state with Miami-Dade having 407 deaths (yes, I know, a lot more people there). I think your safety is much better in Nassau County than in South FL, but good luck!

Ben Martin
Ben Martin (@guest_57557)
2 years ago
Reply to  Perry Anthony

For all of you that feel endangered consider that many observations indicate the fatality rate is greatly exaggerated. That fatality rate is (# of Covid Deaths) / (# of infected.) Look at the numerator. It is reported that when dead people are tested for Covid there are many false positives. Reportedly hospitals have financial incentives to classify Covid as the cause of death. Reportedly the number of deaths due to things like kidney failure, heart attack, etc have lessened because they are now instead being reported as deaths by Covid. When it comes to the denominator consider it is possible that there is a very large number of people who have been infected and never knew it. I am not too scared about Covid19. I am more worried about Covid20.

Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet (@guest_57552)
2 years ago

Yet another “we want you to feel safe” gobernment display of all the services that are being provided for your tax dollars. Unemployment numbers come out this Friday Gents. Instead of stupid is stupid “info fairs” you should be sitting with budget spread sheets in hand and red lining(eliminating expenses). As of last Friday unemployment rates were 16.2%. Translation needed? 16.2% reduction in county and City revenues. This Friday? Who knows, 25%? 30%? No work=’s NO income=’s NO $$ for taxes=’s NO money for the ever increasing buy land for more parks, walkovers, gobernment expansion and yet more new F150 pickups with one city “inspector” driving around. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

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