By Cindy Jackson
May 1, 2020

As reported earlier by The Fernandina Observer, Nassau County declared a State of Local Emergency as a result of the threat to public health caused by COVID-19 on March 18, 2020.

Since that time, a number of area nonprofits have contacted the Board of County Commissioners in an attempt to secure additional funding to provide for the needs of the clients they serve. Those nonprofits include the Council on Aging, Micah’s Place, Barnabas and Starting Point – to name just a few.

Nonprofit needs have become even greater since the outbreak of the Coronavirus and not just in terms of financial assistance but also in the need for volunteers.

Many individuals crucial to the effective operation of so many of our community’s nonprofits are themselves, individuals in the “high risk” category – i.e. over the age of 60.

Says Janice Ancrum, President and CEO of the Council on Aging (COA), “it’s all about community,” and shared a story.

Recently, the COA found itself unable to unload a semi-trailer truckload of food because it didn’t have the necessary volunteers. According to Ancrum, she immediately called the County and a crew showed up able bodied and ready. They unloaded the truck in record time.

Since then, the COA received a donation of some 21,000 boxes from West Rock to be used to package their meals. They now need help in putting those boxes together.

On a recent Friday, a few volunteers got together and completed the assembly of 600 boxes.

Interested in helping at some point in the future? Contact Lynn Starling, Volunteer Director, at 904-775-5490.

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