City of Fernandina Beach
Media Release
April 29, 2020

The restriction on City beach access and parking (with the exception of Seaside Park on-beach parking) will be lifted effective Monday morning, May 4, at 6:00 AM. The beaches will be fully accessible (no time restrictions) for all activities. The only requirement is to comply with appropriate social distancing measures.

For the time being, other recreational facilities (Atlantic Recreation Center; Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center; Peck Center; pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts; and skatepark) will remain closed to the public.

The City Manager continues to monitor compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and the overall community health.

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Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet
2 years ago

So one more weekend of The Sand Police shooing those pesky Seniors off the beach! Get up early Gents as you’ll be in demand. What pray tell other that sheer stupidity is the difference between Monday and Friday to walk the beach?This ought to be really interesting come Friday morning at 6:01 am. with County beaches open and City not. Oh look for the different color sands so you can tell which is what. Good luck with that! The Sand Police will be laughed off the beach as they should have been weeks ago.

Tune in come Fall with the return of another health emergency so walking on the Federal Dollar Bike Paths and streets of Fernandina Beach are banned all to “keep us safe”. Alittle bit of misinformed science goes a long way for crowd control. Don’t think we have been burried in stupidity and misinformation on C-23 since March 1st? I have a wonderful Fairytale for you to read.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott
2 years ago

Time to reopen golf course under guidelines for social distancing. Golf course is a controlled environment and restrictions can be easily enforced. Single rider per cart, raised cups with “gimme putt” rules, no water coolers or washers, etc. other courses have been doing it throughout the COVID period and time to get some revenue flowing again

Ed Rohan
Ed Rohan
2 years ago

I am also interested in the plans for opening our State Parks

Susan Steger
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed Rohan

Suanne and I listened carefully to the governor’s announcement regarding his Florida Re-Opening Plan. He never mentioned the state parks nor did the reporters ask the questions. Perhaps in time, we will get a feel for his thinking on this issue.

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