By Susan Hardee Steger
April 16, 2020


Nassau County Emergency Management informed the public that, “Duval County beaches will be reopening Friday with restrictions.  At this time, Nassau County beaches remain closed, however county officials have informed us that there is a meeting being held tomorrow morning to address this subject.”

News4Jax provided further information on the Jacksonville beach use limitations. Click here for details.


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Pam Hart
Pam Hart (@guest_57227)
2 years ago

I hope they open our beaches as well. The day they closed ours I was on the beach and observed people social distancing and having a good time. It seems to me that as long as they keep the parking lots closed and continue to patrol as they are doing now, it is a wonderful and safe outlet!

Pam (@guest_57229)
2 years ago

I think opening the beaches 6-8AM and 6-8 pm would be perfect for locals.

Ritchie Lewis Sr.
Ritchie Lewis Sr. (@guest_57231)
2 years ago

We were on the beach the day it was closed. Didn’t agree with the closure but we have basically stayed off the except for a 5 min walk to the shoreline to check the water temperatures a few times.

Reopen the beach without the time restrictions. We have accepted social distancing as a community and this will allow the county resources to be available for other needs.

Social distancing is a must!!!!

Sara Bender
Sara Bender (@guest_57232)
2 years ago

County officials should definitely open the beaches. This is just a virus. Everyone is now taking precautions to stay healthier. Denying access to the beach any longer is overstepping their authority. It damages the health of the community, lowers economic activity, and decreases property values.

Kelley Mccrimmon
Kelley Mccrimmon (@guest_57255)
2 years ago

Friday night between 615 -735 as i sat listening to the surf from a friends balcony i watched no less rhan 12 people in groups of 2or more walking on and enjoying the beach in the 400 to 700 block of South Fletcher. I’m all for opening the beaches because I too like them but if people aren’t going to follow the rules when they’re closed what is the likelihood that they’re going to follow the rules when they’re open? And if you’re going to have rules when they’re open what is the likelihood that they’re going to be followed and what are the consequences if they’re not?

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