By Cindy Jackson
September 20, 2019

County Attorney/Administrator Mike Mullins

At the BOCC meeting of September 18, Director of Human Resources, Ashley Metz, reported on the County Attorney/Administrator’s annual performance evaluation.

As part of that report, she noted all commissioners had responded to the survey, overall, it was an exemplary report.

The survey consisted of some 13 questions and ratings of Outstanding and/or Exemplary were overwhelmingly received.

In totality, a mere 4.62% of responses were in the category of Satisfactory and not one survey response suggested “Needs Improvement.”

HR Director Metz noted that as a result of such an evaluation, a salary increase may be received as approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

County Attorney/County Manager Michael Mullin quickly spoke to say “Let me interject that I am not asking for that [an increase in salary] at this time.”

County Attorney/County Manager Michael Mullin, performing both roles, earns an estimated annual salary of some $270,000 plus — even more than the Governor of the State of Florida. Governor De Santis’s annual salary is $130,273.

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