Submitted by Peg Lehosit
May 31, 2019

After years of pleas, the trees in Central Park are being given a proper bed of mulch.

This Friday morning City of Fernandina Beach FL arborist, Dave Holley with a small group of volunteers spread the first of many mulch deliveries. The work began before 8:00am and finished by 8:30.

As he did on Arbor Day and any tree service where the public is present, Dave Holley took a few minutes to educate. He listed all the benefits of mulching trees. So much gain from a free resource. Sadly, an enormous live oak on Highland Dr. is coming down due to damage but it will continue to serve us with the mulch it contributes to the Central Park trees. Ten of today’s park trees are City of Fernandina Beach Heritage Trees.

While we sat on the picnic benches enjoying the breeze and shade from the oak canopy, an eastern blue bird flew down to the mulch looking for bugs. It was instant gratification for a small but significant start.

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Steven Crounse
Steven Crounse (@guest_55125)
3 years ago

What a wonderful project for our Community. I really looks Great,Thanks Guys.

Sandy McBeth
Sandy McBeth(@sanmcbethgmail-com)
3 years ago

Thank you Teen and Pete…and others…

Faith Ross
Faith Ross (@guest_55134)
3 years ago

Thank you, Dave for getting this together!

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