Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
May 23, 2019 – noon

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) of the city of Fernandina Beach heard from owners and developers of a 9-acre site for development of a 55,000 square foot retail shopping center that will be anchored by an as yet unidentified grocery store.  Lindsay Haga with England-Thims & Miller presented the project at a pre-application discussion at the May 23, 2019 TRC meeting.

The property is currently located in Nassau County.  However, developers are working with both county and city staff to ensure that the project complies with city requirements prior to requesting annexation into the city.  The property, identified as parcel 00-00-30-044B-0037-0010, is zoned commercial and has been advertised for sale for many years.

Haga indicated the owners’ desire to work concurrently with county and city officials.  The project will be developed in two phases, and only the first phase is being developed at this time. The two out parcels along the parkway have not been purchased or leased.   In order to proceed with development and annexation, the project is seeking a small scale land use amendment and a zoning change.  The project is exempt from the current moratorium because it requires annexation into the city to receive utility services.

The developers will follow city codes, emphasizing their intent to respect those related to land clearing, tree mitigation and landscaping.

Suanne Thamm 4Editor’s Note: Suanne Z. Thamm is a native of Chautauqua County, NY, who moved to Fernandina Beach from Alexandria,VA, in 1994. As a long time city resident and city watcher, she provides interesting insight into the many issues that impact our city. We are grateful for Suanne’s many contributions to the Fernandina Observer.

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Gerald Decker
Gerald Decker (@guest_55060)
3 years ago

Outstanding!!…..always nice to see fresh blood come onto AI….can’t stay in the 50’s forever.

David Olson
David Olson (@guest_55061)
3 years ago

Publix customer service personnel have told me that Publix is planning a new store on the island. Could this be where a new Publix will be?

Mrs. D. Hunter
Mrs. D. Hunter (@guest_55062)
3 years ago

“…and has been advertised for sale for many years” = the kiss of death. The funeral march: “The project is exempt from the current moratorium because it requires annexation into the city to receive utility services.”

Betsie Huben
Betsie Huben (@guest_55063)
3 years ago

Please advise – Why does this project requires a small scale land use and amendment and a zoning change (from what to what) in order to proceed with development and annexation and why or how it is exempted from the moratorium if it is to obtain any services from the city?

robert riegler
robert riegler (@guest_55066)
3 years ago

Awsome! Just what is needed on AI, another “stripcenter” Big box design with what would appear to be the rear of the buildings facing the roadways! I guess you need a Planning Degtree for this one.All this while for the last ten plus years the former Food Lion Center on Sadler basically has remained “empty” and just got a new coat of paint~~~~finally. Have to have a grocery store within golf cart distance of the new million plus lots on Crane Island? Absolutly!

While we are at it could we just clear cut the entire island and put up For Sale signs? Another development which will kill The Goose that laid The Golden Egg(s) formerlly known as Amelia Island a Resort Town with that small Town Feel.~~~and yet another paved parking lot…….. Sad to see this island go the way of many others to the South.

Gerald Decker
Gerald Decker (@guest_55067)
3 years ago

Give it a rest….all you who say “now that I AM HERE, bolt the door”….how very, very selfish….jusy sayin’

Schurtter, Tim
Schurtter, Tim (@guest_55068)
3 years ago

Sorry to hear this, but knew it was just a matter of time before more trees started falling along the Parkway.

Nancy Dickson
Nancy Dickson(@nancyjackathenshotmail-com)
3 years ago

With so much of our island already paved into mostly empty parking lots and so many now-empty stores sitting where trees used to be, reusing some of this space would seem to make sense. I guess the ‘planners’ just like the idea of continuing to clear cut until nothing is left but man-made structures. The empty parking lots and empty buildings will NOT bring tourists (and their money), will not improve our quality of life, and will not protect us when the next big store comes through.
There’s a reason most of us moved here and not JAX beach – and it wasn’t because of another new parking lot.

Jerry Decker
Jerry Decker (@guest_55072)
3 years ago

I think we should be happy that the robust American economy has found its way to our little island. Thought we were a friendly and welcoming place.

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