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October 16, 2018 9:00 a.m.

Sunday night, [October 16,] we had unwanted, unwelcomed visitors on the Island, the kind who do not contribute to the economy. Between the City and the unincorporated areas of the Island over 30 cars were burglarized in the area around the Parkway near 200 and on South Fletcher Avenue. In addition one car was stolen and FBPD officers recovered a stolen vehicle from Jacksonville.


In each case the vehicle entered was unlocked. We encourage our community to remove valuables and lock their car doors. In the previous year over 95% of all car burglaries in our area have involved unlocked vehicles.

At the FBPD we want to catch the bad guys doing this but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – let’s not be a fertile field for these thieves. As a side note crimes of this magnitude usually involve a group of thieves who drive into a neighborhood in the early morning hours and several will scatter in the area pulling on car doors. They are in and out very quick usually taking things they can easily carry.

Also if you recognize the young wayward lad in the video let us know by calling 904-310-3215.

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Teri Donovan
Teri Donovan
3 years ago

In the Caribbean we were advised to NOT lock the car or end up paying to replace the window that will be broken out so that thieves can search the car. Better to leave it unlocked and not leave anything of value in there.

I would also say, don’t leave a garage door opener (or community gate opener) and keep your proof of insurance and registration in a wallet-type container and TAKE IT with you when you park your car. It’s a very simple matter for someone to break into your car, take your garage and/or gate opener and your proof of ins/registration or anything else with your home address on it and go break into your home before you even realize anything has ben taken out of your car.

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