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Following discussions at several previous meetings, the Fernandina Beach City Commission (FBCC) at their July 17, 2018 Regular Meeting unanimously approved Resolution 2018-98 establishing the Marina Advisory Board (MAB) as an ad hoc advisory board to the City Commission.

The MAB will consist of seven members and one non-voting member appointed by the City Commission; four of the voting members must be permanent slip holders/renters in the Fernandina Harbor Marina.  All voting members must reside within the City limits, but the non-voting member does not have to reside within City limits. 
Members will serve 3 year terms following initial appointments to staggered terms:  two voting members will be appointed for one-year terms (expiring September 30, 2019); two voting and the one non-voting member will be appointed to two-year terms (expiring September 30, 2020) and three voting members will be appointed to three-year terms (expiring 
September 30, 2021).

The MAB shall provide advice and make recommendations to the City Commission as 

  • Make recommendations regarding a comprehensive plan for the physical 
development and betterment of the Marina;
  • Make recommendations on the operation of the Marina and for the 
improvement of the operations;
  • Make recommendations regarding policies, such as Marina Rules and 
Regulations and the Marina Code of Conduct;
  • Perform additional functions as requested by the City Commission to advise 
and assist in the continued operation and betterment of the Marina.

The MAB meetings will be held at City Hall and open to the public. MAB members (including the non-voting 
member) are subject to the Florida Sunshine Law and Public Records Act.

Persons interested in serving on this city advisory committee should complete a board application and submit it to City Clerk Caroline Best at Fernandina Beach City Hall.  For more information, call (904) 310-3115.

Two previous Marina Advisory Committees were sunset following the completion of their tasks in the late 1990’s-early 2000’s.

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