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August 15, 2016 4:10 p.m.

Mary-Agnes- David Roberts
Mary Agnes Wolff White Photo courtesy of David Lee Roberts

A long time Fernandina resident Mary Agnes Wolff White passed away on Sunday, August 14. Mary Agnes showed her love for our city and its history as a community activist. She and her husband Bob, were instrumental in the 1970’s revitalization efforts that transformed Centre Street and many historic homes into what is now a nationally recognized Historic District. An early tree hugger, she saved the majestic oak tree that still graces the parking lot of Fred’s on South 8th Street. She was frequently seen at Sandy Bottoms howling as the full moon appeared or taking in a glorious river view sunset.

Mary Agnes is a third generation Fernandinian and like her ancestors she loved Fernandina.  Her grandfather George E. Wolff arrived in Fernandina in 1878 during a period of tremendous economic growth in our city.  When legal documents were handwritten, he served as Clerk of Courts. “He had a beautiful hand,” said Mary Agnes.  A local historian, he was asked to speak at the conclusion of the Fort Clinch restoration project in 1938.  George and his wife Agnes raised four sons in the still standing Wolff house located on the northeast corner of N 6th and Ash.

Her father George Ralph Wolff was a dentist in Fernandina, and later head of the Mosquito Control. He was a bright forward thinking individual and brought to Fernandina the latest methods to control the mosquito population. Wolff Park to the north of Main Beach is named in his honor.

Mary Agnes leaves three children, Ralph, Cliff, and Aggie,  and three beautiful grandchildren, Maria, Kalie,  and Amelia.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, August 18, 2016 with a  Visitation with the family beginning at 1:00, followed by a Memorial service at 3:00 in the Burgess Chapel at Oxley-Heard.

Click here for the obituary and further information on Mary Agnes’ life.



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Theresa Hamilton
Theresa Hamilton
5 years ago

The island has lost another of its treasures. Mary Agnes was a friend to all.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott
5 years ago

Another community treasure lost. Condolences and prayers for the White family and friends.

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