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City of Fernandina Beach Community Development Department
May 18, 2015 9:18 a.m.


Keeping visitors safe is a priority! In order to keep short-term rentals safe, the City has a resort rental permit program. Please remember that short term rentals must have a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit (RRDP) if located within the city limits of Fernandina Beach (COFB). Short term rentals are rentals 29 days or less. The dwelling must be in R-3 zoning, unless the unit has a RRDP that has not lapsed within 180 days. To verify a property is within City limits or to check the zoning, please contact the Community Development Department at 904.310.3135 or visit

To apply for a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit you must have: a license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for public lodging, a floor plan with gross floor area, valid and current federal employer tax identification number, Department of Revenue taxpayer ID number, Florida Department of Revenue Sales Tax Identification Number, an inspection by a Licensed Home Inspector, proof the property is enrolled in the garbage and recycling roll back service, along with a COFB RRDP application. This should be submitted to City Hall at the Community Development Department. Applications and information are available online at

Short term rental units who advertise must place the COFB RRDP number on all advertisements, including signs on the property. If you would like to know if a unit has a permit or you know of a rental unit without a permit, please contact the Community Development Department at 904.310.3135.

When renting a unit here or in another location, please check with the State and Local Government to verify the unit is properly licensed. Licensed properties have had safety inspections and comply with all rental regulations. Enjoy your vacation and be safe by doing your research!

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