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Tuesday was the last day of the American Touring Cars and even though the morning was dreary, the Amelia Island Coffee Shop held a lively group of drivers.  They said it had rained since they left New York, but they hoped that the weather would improve as they drove on south to Daytona Beach for a late afternoon event at the racetrack.  Then it would be on to Miami.  Pictured were: Karel Peeraer, Roel Schenkels, Annemarie Daniels and Elsabeth Peeters, owners of a 1953 Mercedes and Porsches.

Tour  GroupAlso pictured on Centre Street was a Halloween scene in front of Ship’s Lantern and a lovely lemon tree with a bird feeder.  Fall is definitely here on Centre Street.

On Eighth Street, I stopped to check with Staples about their new store build-out in the old Beall’s space in the Publix shopping center.  They are hoping to open sometime in January.

Sadler Square needs to update its sign, as Casa Amelia is long gone and Ms. Carolyn’s is still going strong. Lucky Wok is also still a long time tenant, as are the others on the sign.  There is a rumor that Food Lion’s space may have a tenant.  Stay tuned for that information.

Off Island Openings…Coming Soon… Tours 7

The Eagles Crossing (Verizon anchor) shopping center is fixing up the Crazy Egg space for Junior’s Seafood restaurant. (See photo.) Another eatery is coming to Tyler Plaza shopping center called Brandin’ Iron Steakhouse, where TNT Firearms has now opened.  If you are looking for American Flooring there, they have purchased a stand-alone store further west on A1A State Route 200, near Kutana Rd. Finally, check out the old Pepper’s space in the Winn-Dixie space off island.  Don Padron Mexican Grill and Cantina is coming soon.

Gerry Clare.jpg 2Editor’s Note: Gerry began free lance writing for fun and is the author of a published book (available on Amazon and at Books Plus) about funny real estate experiences.  Gerry is a longtime member of our local American Business Women’s Chapter, a volunteer cancer driver and church deacon who loves to read, travel and meet interesting people.

October 17, 2013 3:00 p.m.

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