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open signThe Fernandina Observer welcomes the following businesses newly licensed to operate in our city last month:

Business Address Owner Type of Business
Travel Leaders 1429 Sadler Road Rita & ClaudeEnterprises, Inc Travel agency
Greater HarvestProduce 432 S. 8th Street Jeanette M. Richo Retail store
Amelia IslandAdventure Rentals 218 S. 11th Street Joseph & KimberlyMoore Home local business
Eicholtz Electric, Inc. 1718 Beech Street Bryan Lewis Eicholtz Registered electrical contractor
Florida Retina Institute 6 S. 14th Street Jonathan Staman, MD Health services
Edward Jones 1403 Park Avenue Kim Harding Commodity contract broker
Karl F. Peralta 1031 N. Fletcher Avenue Karl F. Peralta Misc repairs and services
Karl F. Peralta 1031 N. Fletcher Avenue Karl F. Peralta Misc personal services
Heather Peralta 1031 N. Fletcher Avenue Heather Peralta Misc personal services


Sylvie McCann helps a customer at the Community Development Department service counter
Sylvie McCann helps a customer at the Community Development Department service counter

The Community Development Department, which handles both planning and building, along with staffing city advisory committees, is doing its best to keep up with growing workloads during times of staffing cutbacks and normal turnover.

The City Building Department issued 291 building permits in July covering activities ranging from new construction to plumbing, mechanical, re-roofing, fence installations, signs, demolitions and tree removal permits.

All permits may be viewed on the city website  The permits listed below reflect new construction or other significant building activity:

New Single Family Dwellings

Permit #2013- Owner Address Contractor
1560 Theresa & Gary P. Sanders 1619 Olmsted Lane Lendry Homes, LLC
1563 Pierre J. & Carol R. Muentnich 2828 Ferdinand Court Seda Construction
1567 Pierre J. & Carol R. Muentnich 2820 Ferdinand Court Seda Construction
1568 Pierre J. & Carol R. Muentnich 646 King George Lane Seda Construction
1573 D. R. Horton 1677 Indigo D. R. Horton
1576 Pierre J. & Carol R. Muentnich 2840 Ferdinand Court Seda Construction
1580 (construct new structure on old) Medardo & Ann Monzon 2962 S. Fletcher Ave. Cole Builders, Inc.
1596 Pierre J. & Carol R. Muentnich 548 Spanish Way Seda Construction
1611 W. Durand & Susan Childers 2155 Safe Harbor Lane Seda Construction
1758 Surf Home Builders 2504 Robert Oliver Drive Surf Home Builders
1811 Highland 35 LLC 1708 Highland Dunes Court Trevett Building Systems, Inc.


Renovation & Remodeling Projects

Permit #2013-/Action




1562/ residential remodel David & Kimberly Page 1702 Atlantic Avenue Parker Contracting, Inc.
1653/renovation of office building Barnabas Center 1303 Jasmine Street Donna Lynne Custom Homes
1658/reconstruct 4 chimneys Diocese of St. Augustine (St. Michael School) 228 N. 4th Street Call Construction Unlimited, Inc.
1667/add screened porch Heidi Cormeir 229 S. 8th Street Meena Construction
1743/interior build-out for new Staples retail store Island Walk Associates, LLC 1445 Sadler Road CBI Construction, Inc.




Permit #2013-/Action




1741/install residential swimming pool Joseph H. & Xenia Dupree 1703 Park Avenue Blue Haven Pools & Spas
1799/build new storage building Matthew Miller 416 Fir Matthew Miller
1795/install solar voltaic system Chandlery Building LLC 201 Centre Street A1A Solar Contracting, Inc.

August 14, 2013 1:00 p.m.


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