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The Fernandina Observer welcomes the following businesses newly licensed to operate in our city last month:


Business Address Owner Type of Business
Barefoot & Bloomin’Gardening Service 727 N. Fletcher Avenue Lisa Barcaro Landscape & horticultural
La Mancha, LLC 2709 Sadler Road Eduardo Medina Restaurant, bar, lounge
Beach Buggies & Bikes, Inc. 1417 Sadler Road Damian Brink Home local business

The City Building Department issued 291 building permits in June.  The Building Department’s workload was significantly impacted by the need to inspect homes damaged by the small tornado touchdown.  This also resulted in many tree removal permits.

All permits may be viewed on the city website  The permits listed below reflect new construction or other significant building activity:

New Single Family Dwellings

#20121160:  William & Karen Prescott, 2815 Kentucky Ave. (Cecil Holloway, Jr., General Contractor)

#20131389:  Seda Construction, 645 King George Lane

#20131393:  Seda Construction, 657 King George Lane

#20131249:  Sattow Properties, LLC, 3750 S. Fletcher Ave. (Gorham Custom Builders)

#20131255:  Donald & Marjean Wegner, 1771 Gardenia St. (Lendry Homes, LLC)

#20131284:  Linda Guecia, 1555 Olmsted Lane (Lendry Homes, LLC)

#20131312:  Charles McCourt & S. Wolford, 1767 Gardenia St. (Lendry Homes, LLC)

#20131515:  D. R. Horton, 1822 Indigo St.

Remodeling Projects

#20131236:  Nassau County Tax Collector’s Office, Historic Courthouse Building, 416 Centre Street (Sturges & Sturges)

#20131240:  Joyce Newlin, 4452 Bean St. (KMS Systems)

#20131252:  John & Sally Ginn, 4441 Bean St. (Gamel Construction Co.)

#20131301:  Jeffrey Moon & Pat Kenney, 1885 Gardenia St. (Lendry Homes, LLC)

#20131366:  Kathy W. Garland, 2986 Robert Oliver Avenue (self)

#20131503:  James & Bonnie Maddox, 2436 S. Fletcher Ave. (The Construction Co.)

Installation of In-ground Swimming Pool

#20131230:  Russell & Priscilla Footlik, 1905 Hometown Drive (Clift & Co. Pools & Spa, Inc.)

#20131448:  Andrew & Karen Potosnak, 2976 Ferdinand Court (Florida Bonded Pools)

July 22, 2013 1:00 a.m.

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