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According to Alice Ryle, United States Postal Service discontinuance coordinator for the Gulf and Atlantic region, Fernandina’s historic post office will close August 10.  Tucked away in the southwest corner of the post office lobby is detailed information as to the reasons the postal service will vacate the building.

The postal service estimates a ten year savings of $315,359 by closing the facility.  Revenue from postal operations have declined over the years.  (See below)

Post Office 3

When asked what will happen to the furniture, Ryle indicated it will be moved and/or a local auction will take place. Ryle further stated that museums interested in historic artifacts  significant to the community can make a request to the postal service that they remain in the community.

The Postal Regulatory Commission, an independent agency appointed by the President, can remand the closure decision back to the United States Postal Service for reconsideration.* A follow up article will provide a link and mailing address for those interested in contacting the commission.

*Editor’s note:  An error was made in the initial report in which we indicated the Postal Regulatory Commission could overturn a closure decision.

July 10, 2013 3:37 p.m.

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8 years ago

The entire building IS is a historic artifact. So sad it has been let get so run down. I hope the town, or some public-private cooperative, can find a way to save the building and give it an adaptive re-use that will maintain its prominent and attractive presence on Centre St.

Rose Bennett
Rose Bennett
8 years ago

I emailed a complaint after the meeting at the old Baptist with the reps from this commission and would like to file another complaint. The commission did say that numbers make a difference, so many, many, many of us need to complain! Do you have the exact link to file a complaint? I’ve been all around their website and can’t find the link (to email not via the post office) to file a complaint. Thanks!

Emily Carmain
Emily Carmain
8 years ago

I was one of those who replied to the “survey” form provided by USPS, and my answers were STRONGLY opposed to the closing. I submitted comments with reasons, such as the convenience of the location for so many of us on the north end, the effect on the historic nature of the community, etc. The USPS sent back a form with silly answers supposed to refute my concerns — for example, they said the impact on the historic nature of the community would not be affected, because the name “Fernandina Beach” would still be used for the local ZIP code! How helpful is that? I definitely want to have the link for where to send further comments, even though it appears to be a lost cause. I cannot stand to think of having to move my box & make the trips to the unattractive and featureless Sadler Rd. facility, surrounded by its sterile acre of cement & asphalt.

8 years ago

After looking at the real estate holdings of the historic buildings the USPS owns outright
from the new deal era. Who is going to rich from these deals?
I think USPS management relatives who sell real estate.
Where is OBAMA?
Our National Treasures are being sold to the highest bidder….

7 years ago

I am currently doing research for my thesis on United States Post Offices that are closing. Can you advise if the post office has closed according to the August 10th date or if the closing has been put on hold. Thank you.

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