Dislodged Headstone At Bosque Bello

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Susan Hardee Steger

Joe Gerrity, Fernandina’s new city manager who is beginning his first day on the job, indicated that, “We did not sustain as much damage as we could have.” He is urging people to stay away from the Greenway, Central Park, and Bosque Bello Cemetery because of the weakened state of some tree branches.  City staff continues to access the situation.


Approximately 30 trees have fallen at City of Fernandina’s Bosque Bello Cemetery resulting in a number of dislodged headstones.  One marker dislodged and inscribed  “At Rest” is supporting the limbs of a fallen oak.

City staff is hard at work cleaning up the tropical storm Beryl debris. Many of these staff members were on call throughout  Sunday evening when tropical storm winds peaked at 55 mph.

Burle Impacts Bosque Bello

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