Marine Corps League supports Nassau County Apprenticeship Initiative

Press Release
Nassau County School District
Contact: Brent Lemond
Director of Career and Adult Education
Nassau County School District
(904) 548-4474 Office
June 16, 2017 11:00 a.m.

Marine Corp League presents check for $10,000 to support Nassau County Schools Career Education Department.

The Marine Corps League’s Everett P. Pope Detachment 1017 consists of retired Marines devoted to serving the community of Nassau County. The Nassau County Career Education Department is their latest beneficiary in the form of a $10,000 sponsorship of the school district’s apprenticeship initiative.

Apprenticeship programs offer an outstanding opportunity for high school graduates seeking a career, but many people are unaware of the programs. Common with skilled trades related to manufacturing and construction, a registered apprenticeship program typically lasts around four years. The apprentice is hired by a sponsoring company for full-time employment and receives additional classroom instruction at no cost. As the apprentice moves through the program, they receive scheduled salary increases and upon completion receive a journeyman status that is recognized across the country. Many of these programs are articulated to college degree programs, meaning that they receive college credit for the training and can quickly complete a degree if they desire one for further advancement. Regardless, at the completion of the apprenticeship program they are typically earning a higher income than counterparts that went the more traditional route.

As the school district began working to establish partnerships with existing apprenticeship programs and initiate new programs in the county, one of their Construction Trades Advisory Board members, Mark Brummer, liked the idea. Brummer, a retired Marine and member of Det. 1017, mentioned the project to his colleagues as they considered ways to impact the community. Said Brummer, “We thought this was a good way to help get them (the district) started.”

Needless to say, the rest of the group jumped on the idea. David Hamilton and Ken Hawkins, two of the group’s leaders, summed up the position of the Marine Corps League. Said Hamilton, “The good thing about education is that once you have it, they can’t take it from you.”

Hawkins added, “Not everyone is going to college. But, programs like this provide a real opportunity.”

While the Det. 1017 holds fundraisers to assist in the community, this substantial donation was made possible by the late Lt. W. A. Allaband’s donation to the group. Allaband, who served in the Korean conflict, followed his military service with a career in the automotive industry. The apprenticeship initiative was chosen because the group felt that the potential impact to student’s lives and the programs plan for sustainability were the best way to honor Allaband’s memory.

Marine Corps League Detachment 1017 leaders present $10,000 donation. Pictured left to right: Brent Lemond, David Hamilton, Mark Brummer, and Ken Hawkins. Photo submitted by Marian Phillips.

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