Monzon announces bid for Fernandina Beach City Commission

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May 16, 2017 10:15 a.m.


Medardo Monzon

Medardo Monzon announced his filing to run for City Commissioner (Group 3) in the Fernandina Beach city elections of November 2017.

“Since migrating from my native Colombia in 1981, this generous country has provided incredible opportunities to me and my family. As I approach retirement, I look forward to giving back to our community by serving as City Commissioner,” stated Monzon.

The eldest son of a Navy officer, Monzon learned discipline, hard work, commitment and a strong sense of responsibility after losing his father as a youngster. He holds a masters degree in chemistry and worked as a scientist for nearly a decade. His professional career evolved into business and executive management in the chemicals, plastics and paper industries.

Monzon’s experience also includes serving on the board of directors of non-profit organizations, most notably, the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, the Jacksonville Convention and Visitors Bureau and the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He has been a leadership development consultant since 2007.

Upon making his announcement, Monzon stated: “Shortly after moving to northeast Florida nearly fifteen years ago, my wife and I discovered Fernandina Beach and started visiting it regularly. We materialized our dream of permanently moving to this beautiful island in 2012 and soon recognized the need to get involved in local affairs to protect its fragile environment.”

As a city resident, Monzon was instrumental in working with WestRock’s management and City Commissioners to prevent coal shipments through the Port of Fernandina, avoiding a likely environmental disaster. He was also instrumental in helping the City Commission evaluate the significant environmental benefits of the Lignotech project that will result in a considerable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, improving local air quality.

According to him: “Fernandina Beach has a unique balance of tourism, commerce, industry and a caring community. The city is facing multiple challenges that require strong analytical skills, objectivity and a collaborative attitude to craft innovative solutions with all constituents. I’m committed to by serving all members of the community and working diligently with them to shape the city’s vision for the future.”

Editor’s Note: As we receive press releases from Fernandina Beach City Commission candidates, we will post their submissions.  At this time, Medardo Monzon is running in the Group 3 race as are Orlando Jose Avila and Chip Ross.  Those interested in running still have time to qualify. Mayor Robin Lentz now serving in Group 3, has not announced her intention to run.   

The Fernandina Observer does not endorse any candidates. 

We ask that our readers refrain from posting comments on our website about a particular candidate.  Any comment posted will be removed as soon as possible. 

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One Response to Monzon announces bid for Fernandina Beach City Commission

  1. What Great News for our City, I’ve known Medardo for five and a half years. I’ve come to respect and admire him for his Intellect, Passion and Common Sense on issues confronting this City. He has a Holistic View of the opportunities and challenges confronting our Community. With the Inevitable growth for this City, in the next decade, Medardo is the right person for this time in our history.

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