Upcoming promotion to benefit Barnabas

Press Release
Barnabas Nassau
Jeff McDowell, Communications Mgr

April 19, 2017 9:30 a.m.

Barnabas Center will receive a big boost later this month as five local businesses have teamed up to donate a percentage of their sales on April 27th. All five businesses are located in the Fernandina Beach historic downtown area; Art on Centre, Picnic Basket, Lori lulu, Pearl, and JJ Cooper will donate ten percent of their sales in support of Barnabas’ Campaign for Sustainability Endowment Fund.

The Campaign for Sustainability will ensure Barnabas will have sufficient resources to withstand economic variance, disasters, or a loss of key funding sources that might otherwise cause Barnabas to cut back or cease operations. The initial fundraising goal is $1.5 million to support the Barnabas Endowment Fund. Earnings from the Endowment Fund will enable Barnabas to continue to provide crisis assistance, food, medical, dental and mental health services.

Drenda Vijuk continues her generosity and support for the endowment fund by offering additional match.

A very generous donor towards the Campaign for Sustainability is local resident and business owner, Drenda Vijuk. In February she announced a $300,000 gift to the endowment fund with the possibility of an additional $100,000 as part of a “match” if Barnabas can raise $300,000. Her announcement at the agency’s annual meeting got the campaign off to an enthusiastic start. Her generosity and support for the endowment fund continues, as she announced an additional donation equal to the net sales of all five stores at the conclusion of the promotion on April 27.

“Barnabas has always impressed me as being well run, but also having compassion for those who are struggling. So, it was an easy choice for me to make a gift to Barnabas. We are all here only a short time, but an endowment lasts forever”, she explained.

To learn more about the Campaign for Sustainability Endowment Fund, please visit the Barnabas Center’s website at http://barnabasnassau.org/financial-support-to-barnabas/ or contact Tania Yount at 261-7000 extension 107.

The mission of Barnabas is to provide assistance to individuals and families in crisis throughout Nassau County. The agency’s vision is to be the primary nonprofit resource in Nassau County, providing assistance to connect individuals and families to services that will help them overcome crisis and achieve self-sufficiency.

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