BuyGo is on the move to Grand Oak Plaza

Press Release
Submitted by Randy Bowman

April 17, 2017 3:00 p.m.

BuyGO is on the move! Last night CMR Island Properties and BuyGO celebrated the signing of BuyGO moving to the Grand Oak Plaza (Formerly Fred’s). Tentative opening is July!

The New BuyGO will feature all your favorites, wide selection of healthy options, Meats, dairy products, FRESH LOCAL produce, Hot N Ready , expanded wine dept with a wine tasting room, Caribou Coffee Lounge, and much more.

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8 Responses to BuyGo is on the move to Grand Oak Plaza

  1. Theresa Hamilton says:

    This is great. Those of us in the Historic District have missed Fred’s and will be happy to patronize BuyGo in the newer – closer – location. Best of luck.

  2. Robert Prager says:

    Congratulations to BuyGo and what a wonderful addition to downtown.

  3. Nancy Dickson says:

    In the same newsletter: BuyGo moving to downtown and increased density downtown (will mean more folks who want to be able to walk to stores). BuyGo is certainly a welcome addition to the island and the new location will make them even more an integral part of our downtown. Thanks, guys!

  4. Roy Carter says:

    We were very sad to see Freds close and are so excited that we will be getting this great market in downtown. Hope BuyGo will get wide support from downtown residents and visitors.

  5. BuyGO says:

    Thank You for the support! We look forward to our relocation in July to better serve our great community!

  6. Chris Hadden says:

    Yes ! Perfect, this is the best decision buy/go could have made. I believe that spot could be a winner for buy/go and the whole community. As a person who spent a lot of time at Fred’s I am going to make one observation. Much of the clientele was low income folks. They are all within walking distance. Wine tasting, fancy coffee and upscale knickknacks and supplies are fine, but the base of people surrounding your store are going to be looking for low priced essentials. Keep that in mind. I live right around the corner from Freds I would stop in almost everyday, what did I usually buy. Paper towels, detergent, shampoo, canned goods, bottled water, soda, toothpaste etc. Fred was great for picking up the item you were out of and most of the time they were cheaper then publixs so never any guilt about buying there. Best of luck look forward to supporting you.

  7. Congrats to BuyGO!

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